Waves + Seaweed

Weather is unpredictable in Labuan these days. Went to the beach at Layangan, trying to find something to inspire. I have been thinking of doing a photo essay. Still thinking about the story, if it ever benefit myself or anyone. When doing essay, the pictures accompanied by story carefully selected and presented in manner where the two compliment each other, or so I guess.

So I was at the beach this evening. The waves crushing the shore fiercely. It was beautiful. So I had my Fujifilm X-E1, but have not bought any particular filter for landscape purpose. I settled with few shots. Processed in Lightroom.

The highlights were not carefully taken care of, though I didn’t realised of that when using the EVF. Must bring tripod next time.

Selected this image as it shows the waves in formation, ready to roll and hit the beach covered in seaweed.

Still don’t have any idea for photo essay. Anyone can make beautiful picture, but does it comes with story?


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