August 12, 2020

VIDEO – Pulau Rusukan Besar, Taman Laut Labuan

I made a video that combined footage taken at Rusukan Besar island; an island located within Labuan Marine Park vicinity. I and a group of friends with the support of Labuan Marine Park Department is currently documenting this area which functions as preservation of the marine ecosystem. It was a collaboration made out of an awareness over the news that an Oil & Gas company will develop Kuraman island; another island in Labuan Marine Park area. The mission was not about fighting against whoever decides that this marine park will housed an Oil & Gas plant, but more towards documenting it before everything destroyed.

I am not being dramatic. We, the group of friends were not being dramatic. There is no drama here. Or so-called heroic effort against the big corporation to save this part of world. We understand and admit we have no power. But we do understand what the future generation of Labuan citizen will missed. And here we are doing our best to preserve the memory in visual. We document the beauties of these island, the wonder of its seabed, the unique experience for divers and we’re waiting for the right time to wait for the hawksbill turtle to come and lay eggs. Pulau Rusukan Besar has a hatchery centre for these turtles. It was build by a collaboration, a CSR project by Petronas to preserve the continuity of the turtles.

Our hope is to completely documenting the three islands, and the sea bed which houses corals which function as food source for the marine life. We all know once development set in, there will be risk of pollution and many more complication derives from human activities. Why would this trump an option on developing eco-tourism business which proven driving billion dollar profits in another country and its citizen and not practiced here, only God knows. Only some people know. Again, we have no power here.

This video was made whole-heartedly for Labuan Marine Park, with the support of Labuan Marine Park Department staffs,  for my kids, for your kids, for the future generation of Labuan, for the whole world. It may not be perfect. This is merely a result of my emotion, perception, hope and memories of working voluntarily with my friends to document Labuan Marine Park.

Pulau Rusukan Besar from Mohd Saifulrizan on Vimeo.

There are more videos and images from our group effort posted in the blog It’s in Malay, but there is a Google Translation button on the sidebar.

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