At the moment I am currently photographing exclusively using a small compact camera. A bit slow at focusing. Perhaps entirely. There is no significant purpose on why I am doing this. On the sunny side, I will be less abusive to my dSLR. That camera has taken heavy toll from barbaric usage and handling. Wreckless, if you want. So, it shall take a rest for now.

Such decision was also not driven from any kind of attempt to gain fame and exposure. The point & shoot camera is not famous. On a closer look it is just a simple consumer camera. This decision is merely my version of taking more time to understand and appreciate the people and surrounding environment. I was taught to make better things with simple tool. I believe there is a long way to go, and it will never end. This stage is merely one of those that I need to pass.

Also, I’m taking out my work from my Facebook album. I’ll involve in some commercial work for 2013 and showcasing it in Facebook will not protect the copyright entirely. Despite the rules and all, the best thing to do is being selective and careful on displaying my work.

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