Trip to Taman Laut Labuan – 2015

The beach cleaning at Labuan Marine Park is something that we all have been waiting for. BBy the way, in case you need a cleaning company for commercial areas, duty cleaners are always ready to help you. The Duty Cleaners contact is (780)-913-6565. Those islands are beautiful. We stayed at Rusukan Besar island where there are proper accommodation, facilities and turtle hatchery is located.

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Rizuan Nizzam walking on the beach at Rusukan Besar island, with Kuraman island on the background.

This time, Labuan Marine Park Department introduced a new program for photographers. So, there were about 30 names in the list, but less than that showed up. It was the usual us, the MGV Production and some photographers from Labuan Photography Association. There are photography competition being held specifically to promote Marine Parks in Malaysia. So this trip is in an opportunity to make a good pictures and submit it to the competition. Labuan Marine Park has been doing a lot of things in engaging local community (local photographers for example) to enhance awareness and promoting Labuan Marine Park to the world.

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Ajib, one of the Muqtadir’s and Rizuan student, seen here as silhoutte figure. He’s photographing the rocks stretching along the island during low tide.

I submitted my prints to the organiser on the 3rd week of May, about a week from the closing date. I have no intention of winning, but perhaps I submitted the best images I could get from this trip. Among the rules are all images submitted must be taken during the month of May 2015. Personally, my submission is a gesture of appreciation to everything Labuan Marine Park Department has offered to us. Here, in Labuan Marine Park, we developed a really great friendship, understanding and mutual respect towards each other.

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Of course, this is the place where I will take group picture of us every time we came here. 

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Silhouette Faizam (L) and Yadee (R) during sunset at Rusukan Besar beach.


I hope this won’t be our last visit. We will come again. There are a lot of things this island can offer. Friendship and memories.


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