August 5, 2020

Travelogue : Melaka, Malaysia (Day 2)

23 September 2015

We started visiting places after lunch with my parents. They left that afternoon as they have to work the next day.

We started off by visiting Christ Church. On our way to get there, we walked passed vacant old buildings. We stopped many times to photograph Hana. Iskandar was not interested; he just sat in the stroller and he’s not gonna get out. 5 minutes later, we arrived at Christ Church Melaka. There are a lot of tourists, all taking pictures and group selfie. We didn’t spend much time there. I guess this time we will just stimulate our visual, rather than exploring and get to know the historical value of these attractions.

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We continued walking to almost all the attractions, namely the A’ Famosa, Melaka Sultanate Palace, Independence Memorial, Dutch Graveyard and Stadthuys. All these monuments are located near to each other, so it’s all within walking distance. We came to Melaka without much preparation, so that’s why we didn’t put much effort to visit other monument/historical attractions at other locations.
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I am pretty sure there must be somewhere within this area that rent a bicycle. If you’re not a big fan of walking, rent a bike. If you’re planning to drive, the road within the area is mostly one way street. Means if you missed an intersection, you have to find another intersection that will lead you to cross that missed intersection again. Just walk to make things easier.

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Later that night we went out to ride on one of the trishaw equipped with bright neon lights, decorated in themes with big speaker. We let Hana chose, and she picked the trishaw with Frozen theme. The guy even played “Let It Go” song the entire ride. It cost MYR 25.00 per ride and the route started from the¬†front of Christ Church to A’Famosa. 10 minutes ride and we’re done.


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We continued walking to Jonker Street. There’s nothing interesting there that night, as it was Thursday night. Some shops are still open. Tourists still flocking this area. Perhaps, they’re enjoying the architectural and art work of these buildings.

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Afterwards, we headed to Mahkota Parade. It was close to 9pm. We ended the walk and decided to return to our room early to rest.

Honestly, I am not satisfied yet with this visit. I really like the atmosphere of the town. Hopefully¬†I will be able to visit Melaka again with longer time to spend. Merely 2 days are not enough, and I didn’t take much picture here. Next time, I shall come with a lot of information beforehand.

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