August 3, 2020

Travelogue : Legoland Johor Malaysia (Day 2)

21 September 2015

It’s the day.

Now, we bought a combo ticket online, that is an entry to Legoland Theme Park and Legoland Water Park. For combo ticket holder, or if you are a hotel guest, you are allowed to enter the theme park 30 minutes earlier. There is one dedicated lane for this on the far left side. However, if you wish to just wait, there’s a dance show by Lego staffs and one big Lego mascot.

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Once you entered the theme park, there are two big Lego shops, said to be the biggest Lego shop in South East Asia. You can skipped the shop and return to it if you wish to shopping before getting out of Legoland. The first thing we go to was the park where miniatures of famous landmark in Asia were build. 3 million Lego bricks were used to complete all the miniature. We took a lot of picture here.

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Afterwards, we start moving to all attractions. The first thing you need is the map of Legoland. If you stay in the hotel, you have two maps provided in your room. Or you can just head to the shop I mentioned earlier, and look for the map. It’s free. The map will help you plan your time. For us, we do need to plan the time spent on each ride or attraction, as we have to go to the water park later.

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Advice : If you are planning to come during peak season, better not buy combo ticket for both parks on same day as it will be very crowded. Legoland staff shared this tip with us. We were lucky to come during non peak season and able to enjoy all rides & shows.

For the most part of Legoland theme park, your kids will enjoy the place. There are learning centre for Lego Mindstorm (must be 8 years old and above), also another place for your kids to build “buildings” and test it stability, build a race car, etc.

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But if you are a Star Wars fan, you MUST visit the Star Wars Mini Land. You will be entertained by a short film of Star Wars Lego (it was funny), then you will walk in several rooms, each housed a BIG diorama of selected scene from each Star Wars movie! At the end of this series I will share all pictures taken there.

As a combo ticket holder, we were able to exit the theme park one time (this does not applied to non-combo ticket holder). We used the time to go for lunch, bought new memory card for the SJ4000 and send some items we bought to our hotel room. If you chose to have lunch in Legoland, the price is not really that expensive, but prepare to spend about MYR 20 per person.

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We entered the waterpark at 3 pm, after 1 hour of lunch and rest. As we’re bringing Iskandar (children below 3 years old = free entry), we have to pay MYR 11 for entering water park. We were given 2 diapers for Iskandar. We rent a small locker that cost us MYR 20 per use to keep our valuables. It is computerized, you just need to enter few informations to set your password. Bigger locker also available at different rate.


At the water park, the water slide is the main attraction. Again, not all these are for 3 year old kids. We had to take turn to take care of Iskandar. Maybe next year Iskandar.

We decided to leave early. After all we have enjoyed everything Legoland have to offer. We returned to our room, get clean and went out to Medini Mall again for dinner. We spent some time at the hotel lobby later for the kids to play and little shopping of souvenir and some Lego set before heading back to our room. We were all tired but I stayed up to pack our backpack to check out tomorrow morning.

Standard check out time is 11.00 am but I am planning to leave early to take the bus to Melaka.

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