Travelogue : Family Trip September 2015

19 September 2015

This is our second time travelling together again. This time, we spent our school holiday at theme parks as promised to the kids. Hana loyally counting the days a week before our departure. Legoland and Universal Studios Singapore was her priority. We promised our kids to visit Universal Studios Singapore and Legoland Johor since last year after our trip to Disneyland Hong Kong.


We couldn’t find our seat number in the ferry express. The guy told us to sit anywhere we like, and we had Hana sat next to the window.

For me, I want to visit Johor Bahru after I left the state 15 years ago. I attended primary school there at SM Sultan Ismail for five years. However, I have no intention to visit the school and the hostel I lived in. I believe we dont have time for that.

For our flight, we chose AirAsia from Kota Kinabalu to Senai Airport, Johor. For this purpose, we traveled to Kota Kinabalu by ferry express from Labuan. The ferry trip took us about 3 hours to reach Jesselton Point. We arrived at afternoon, and we spent some time at Suria Sabah and Wisma Merdeka to visit money exchange, had lunch and some shopping before going to LCCT Tg Aru at 2 pm.



Our flight scheduled at 5.20 pm, but we decided to be there early, hoping to avoid traffic jam and check in our luggage. LCCT was hot, as if there’s no air condition at the check in hall. No speaker / announcement system I guess; the staff at check-in counter had to yell to call for passengers. Things are different at departure hall. Air-conditioned and proper announcement system. Maybe that’s how the airport management deal with overhead expenses; spend where it needed.



That’s CrackoArtGroup mural work at Wisma Sabah building. Wonder if they still remember me.



Iskandar playing with his toys while waiting for departure.

We arrived at Senai Airport, Johor Bahru around 7.30 pm. The taxi ride to our hotel were added MYR 12.00 as Airport Fee. Along the way, I noticed a lot has changed. Some part of me were very proud of such things. 45 minutes later, we arrived at Sentral Hotel, located a bit far from the city centre unless you have a car to drive around. Walking to the city centre from Sentral Hotel seems to be impossible for all of us.



Arrived at Senai Airport.

I sent a message to Mr Farid, our Universal Studios Singapore tour personnel, to inform we have safely arrived and checked in at the hotel. We agreed to meet the next morning at 7.30 am as the bus will leave at 8.00 am.

Tomorrow, Universal Studios Singapore.


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