First week of February 2014.

Was asked if I have the desire to travel. By wife, by friends, by whom who cares. Everybody seems to be travelling these days. Domestic and international. It’s a good thing I believe, as I did traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore before for business purpose. Brunei was a transit, as taking flights to those countries are much cheaper from Brunei and the fact I enjoyed every time flying with Royal Brunei. One of the best thing to experience, is the journey in between of point A to point B. The means of transports, the sceneries, the environments and the peoples I met. On many occasion, I traveled alone.

Misty Road, Kundasang

I did traveled with friends in the past. Perhaps it was 2012. Local destination. Mostly Sabah. Kundasang was the most visited. I liked the atmosphere. I liked the welcoming of small a town offers. Most importantly, I liked the fact that I was breaking away from discomfort. Save it for another day as problems are the last thing I will share in my blog.

Nagalang Beach, Labuan

And so, the resolution to travel to South East Asia countries in 2013 will be carried forward to this year, or many years to come. If I set a timeline to it, I afraid I will lose interest in going somewhere unfamiliar. Wife suggested that I should travel Malaysia first. It could be cheaper, she said.

And to be asked of what I look for if I ever get to travel, given my interest in photography, might leads to the presumption that I will go for photo opportunity. 50-50. It could be about documenting places I want to visit, or it could be about living the experience of locals. To learn something new is luxury to me now. Time waits for no man they said, and it’s not on my side at this time.


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