That effective gesture

Old lady, Labuan town, Malaysia – Click imageto enlarge

It was another Saturday morning.

The previous weeks were hectic and exhausting. The demand from my workplace and my first art project with other friends (check out SebumbungSeni or our Facebook Page) were unapologetic, each has its own goal, and each has a tight timeline. I tried my best to fulfill both to the extent where I can push myself until I say no. My days started at 6 a.m. and ended at 2 – 3 in the morning. Maybe I just love what I do, or maybe I just want to prove something which I am not clear of. (So on Saturday I decided to hit the street)

Responsibility is the key here. That word alone good enough to justify what I am trying to achieve. That same principal is a good reminder whenever I decided to wander around town and photographing peoples and objects. In a manner where it may seem logic, the common sense of mutual respect between human is undeniably a power to turn negativity to positiveness.

In the street, where everyone could be a stranger, mutual respect translated by voice or gestures or both. Even when meeting friends, relatives, colleagues, etc, we don’t pull face. In the recent years (my apology for not being detail) I overheard a conversation between a taxi drivers in front of the famous supermarket in Labuan. They reacted when they saw me walk within their spots; perhaps seeing me holding to my old beat up A200, when someone started claiming a few days ago, another guy with big camera took picture of them but left after photographing them without even gesturing. I decided to walk away instead of stopping by to ask and perhaps, to explain. My opinion, if there’s anyone to correct, it’s the guy with the big camera himself.

For example, the picture of the old lady above was taken when she was just about to open the door. From where I stand, the framing was about right, I just need to press the shutter. It happened in a split second, the old lady was fast unlocking the grill and about to slide it open. Two frames, and she noticed my appearance there. I put down the camera, wave at her and flash a big smile, the smile that will make myself look ridiculous, and greeted “Good morning!”. It was so spontaneous, I tried really hard to memorize to write this entry.

She waves back, smile and greeted me too.

I got my picture, and she got another story to tell. A guy took a picture of her this morning, of course, with a smile.

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