September 28, 2020

Teaser : HONG KONG 2014 – Black & White

I never blogged about our family trip to Hong Kong back in 2014. The only blog post I wrote was Travel to Hong Kong on 3 November 2014. I shared some tips on preparation before and during traveling in Hong Kong – which I guess some of it are already outdated.

Anyway, during our trip there, I managed to spend some time photographing some part of the streets in Hong Kong. I was out during early in the morning and late at night. During the day, we were out going to places we have planned and I managed to get some of good picture too. We were not on tour group / package, so our time are flexible.

I’ve selected some of the photographs that best represent what I felt about our trip to Hong Kong at that time. I never been to Hong Kong, but I grew up watching Hong Kong movies. Trust me I was very excited to go around the town taking pictures of everything that could remind and connect me to those movies and dramas.

Here is the teaser / shorter version of the full video.

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