September 28, 2020

Target baru

Untuk tahun 2019 ni aku sudah set beberapa target. 

Pertama, aku akan cuba baca 1 buku 1 bulan. Genre campur. Ada akademik, ada fiksyen, ada non fiksyen, biografi, keagamaan – semua aku akan cuba baca. Dan aku akan cuba untuk usahakan buat reviu atau ulasan atau sekadar kongsi apa yang aku rasa atau peroleh lepas baca buku itu. Selama ni pun aku banyak baca buku, tapi untuk tahun 2019 ini aku akan cuba sebarkan manfaat itu dengan menyediakan pendapat sebagai rujukan bagi sesiapa yang berkenaan. Perhaps, by doing this, it will help me to feel the obligation to post the review on my blog. 

Second, aku akan cuba save up to RM 10,000.00 this year from active income and passive income. I would like to think of this as my 5 years effort starting this year to be able to leave my day job. Hopefully after 5 years aku boleh resign and start doing business, or just tukar tempat kerja. I have been asking around on what I should expect from making this decision. Most advice I received encourage me to clear all hutang like hutang kereta – that’s the only hutang I have now. Other useful advice was to invest my EPF into Fixed Deposit. This, however requires a good understanding of how it will work and the risk that may comes from it. As of today, I have read from some books and some credible sources from the Internet on understanding how this kind of investments work. For example, how to read the annual report. Sounds like a lot of job, so I must focus on setting aside certain fixed amount from my salary to my savings account as main priority.

Third, leverage on my career. I think for the past 10 years, I have been doing pretty much the same. I understand there’s not much career growth in this sector I’m working in, especially in offshore financial sector. Most of the office here doing support or back office. Jangan terkejut kalau dengar cuma ada seorang pekerja untuk sebuah pejabat.  So, going forward, I’m looking forward to improve my communication, participation and decision making skill. All these are possible with better understanding and application of analytical skills. I know my decision to change will upset some people, but I need to move forward, and leave negativities behind. Lagipun, aku sudah penat tengok politik pejabat so aku tahu lebih bagus fokus on my own personal growth. On the other hand, I need to prepare if ever decide to jump ship and perform better.

Aku rasa itu saja aku mampu kongsi disini. Doakan aku berjaya capai semua itu untuk tahun ini sehingga ke lima tahun yang akan datang.

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