Submitting app to iTunesConnect – Routing App Coverage

Im about to submit my app for review in iTunes Connect. However, one error shows up indicates that I have not complete my submission yet. It says “Your routing app coverage file is invalid”.

This happens when you enable direction feature in your app. In my case, I  use a Direction feature in my app. 

So I click on the link in the warning and it redirect me to Apple Developer site. Link here.

Yes, to become an app developer, these are things your need to read. You will understand what you are doing so it’s easy to troubleshoot in the future. Looking at the sample of GeoJSON, those are two polygons set in two places. For my case, I just need one. I copied those codes.

Then I go to and paste the codes. Two things I did were to delete the extra polygon, and change the coordinates.

Basically this is how my code looks like

{ “type”: “Polygon”,
“coordinates”: [
[[[115.280056, 5.401087], [115.134830, 5.404505], [115.146847, 5.235634], [115.287266, 5.233241], [115.280056, 5.401087]]]

Once done, select Save > GeoJSON. The .geojson file will be downloaded. Upload the file to iTunesConnect.


Yes, that’s how you do it. Simple and easy. And you may now proceed to Submit the app for review.


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