August 5, 2020

STREET : Shop at dusk


An old woman sitting in front of her cart at Labuan market. It was around 6 pm, near to dusk. This kind of picture might generates perception that gives variety of opinions. How the picture was taken, with intentionally including a foreground that creating a lead in to the old woman, with a dark environment, but let the lights dominant on the other end might conceive an idea that she was lonely. It would be different if I stand in front of her, make a good conversation and take her pictures with enough exposure. Common sense, dark = sad/touching/sentimental/emotional, etc. Does this picture makes you think so?


I know to have someone walked into the frame requires a lot of courage and a good plan to evade if the person annoyed by your shutter sound or the fact that someone with a bulky camera looks like a total pervert. I shot this one and put my face off the camera and flash a smile, but I think the woman were too busy to care of my existence. Why this picture? Street photography dont need that much complicated and technical jargon to explain. We just lift he camera and press the shutter as we like. I like this frame.

This shop still operating when we got there. I started planning on doing the shot from different angle, but above all, the lighting aspect would undermine any other ideas that impossible to execute under poor lighting. It was after 6 pm, and the only lights we saw was only from the shop.

So, if you’re thinking of hitting the street with a camera in your hand this coming long holiday, try to have some sort of free mind and let go all the technical difficulty. Set it to auto, held your head high, look around and enjoy your walk.

Just remember to deactivate the flash.

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