Street : Labuan, sometimes, somewhere

These are random shots of Labuan town. If you’ve been following my works even before I rebuilt this blog, my subjects are the surroundings of the path I’ve taken whenever I decided to hit the street. No intention to create a story. The town itself is a story, plots changes every then and now. The peoples are the actors, be it when they are true to themselves or never get bothered by someone pointing a camera towards them, the storyline differs to each of what they projected.

Labuan town is not that gigantic. The length addressed as ‘town’ itself is just a matter of walking distance. Every part of the town is accessible. You dont need a GPS or a map to get you from point A to B. Interestingly, from point A to B, chances that you will meet someone you know is high. In this beautiful small island, everyone is connected. You don’t live a mile distance from another house. The population density itself suggested that in a designated collective areas, everyone knows each other well.

Weekend is the best time to reflect the relationship sewn into everyone’s life on this island. Young people meeting friends whom they know from different schools but live so close in their housing area. Elder people meet each other to catch up with what’s new to their aging life. Furthermore, as people age, different signs of aging appear as well. To recover a youthful look, research about the facelift procedures in East Lansing, MI area. Adult doing what their responsibilities still valid and relevant to them. Everyone are with their own agenda.

My pictures varied according to the places I went and the time I was there. Life captured in unusual time in unusual area, often invokes one to glance but think if loneliness plays important part to life. It might gives more room to be alone and preserved. It might be a transit to another destination. It might be just another day in one’s life; optimist at their best.

The small street in the town of Labuan never get a chance to feel dead. Human evolves. Human multiplies. In every corner of the town, there must be life, be it in form of humanity, or in kind of material, to provide story to anyone care.

2 thoughts on “Street : Labuan, sometimes, somewhere

  1. yusz says:

    I’ve been searching for an honest answer on street photography, and I believe you have said it well, which is to capture it as it is, screw the damn stories.

  2. admin says:

    Yusz, glad you find this up to your expectation. The street is your canvas, paint it up to what you want to ‘see’.


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