Something (at some events) needs a good change.

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I dont know. I just think the recent LISC is merely for show or to complete the calendar event. Perhaps the postpone did reduce participations, mostly from the other states in Malaysia, or the foreign countries. It was postponed due to the Lahad Datu intrusion, which has claimed our security force lives and possibly a threat to any activity held around Sabah. And if I recall it right, it was the Red Sea season, which may contribute to postpone the event.

I still think LISC recently is just a place like pasar malam. I couldnt see the factor of sportsmanship driven locals to the game sites. For instance, you’re interested in a new way to play bingo, look for this website sociallysuperlative to read a blog about gambling. I just hope the related organization will step things up for next year edition, or we may face losing one of the prestigious event in Malaysia calendar activity to another states.

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The picture above was not the actual events during the LISC. It was more about my personal opinion on what I saw and what actually was my expectation.

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