Simple Hydration Bottle

I bought this Simple Hydration Bottle from Futuretech Sports, a shop in Perak. Seems like they are the only distributor for Malaysian market.  A friend, Hafiszuan, fellow Labuan runner recommended this bottle after I said the hydration belt kept bouncing when running. It’s really uncomfortable although the product description said the hydration belt will grip to your shirt / pant – it does not. Sometimes I just want to snap it off and throw it away.

As  you can see, the bottle design allow me to hook it to my pant. It takes sometimes to get used to it. After two sessions, I get used to it.

I’ve been using this for my 10km and 21km run. It lasted for 10km run, so for 21km run I just have to go buy some drinks at any shop. The bottle cap is big, so refilling is easy. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to run light and not be bothered by bouncing hydration belt.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Hydration Bottle

  1. Thiam Soon

    How much is this bottle. Thanks

    1. admin

      Hi. You can go to their website to purchase.

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