SebumbungSeni2011 and my three pictures

I decided to use these three pictures in the photography category to be exhibited in SebumbungSeni2011, an art exhibition organized by a number of passionate art lover and stronghold of supporters; friends and families. We invited photographers, painters, music band, graffiti writers and three local independent clothing brands. Though held in small scale, but I believe the impact of this event will create a chance for its second year, perhaps, 2012.

So, here I will give a short explanation, the best I can, to summarize why and what, of bringing this to the exhibition.

Title : Standing Still

Remembrance Day is an annual event held in Labuan War Memorial Park. On this day, the families of those who fought the Japanese during the WW2 will be here. In other countries, it’s called Poppy Day. This picture was taken on that day. The naval army whom guarding the place where visitors lay wreath were standing still under scorching sun. I composed this image when I saw the shadow zone the sunlight created, and to portrait the commitment of the naval officer to stand still; guarding.This is also, to me, a trademark to Labuan island and its people, to remember the pain and effort of those who fought before us, trading bullets in the name of survival and freedom.

Title : Different ‘World’, Same ‘Address’

The man sitting on the bench is a homeless, mentally ill person, whom is a very well known individual to Labuan citizen. If you have a loved one who is suffering from mental disorder, consider Ibogain treatment. It can treat severe addictions to drugs like heroin, opiates, meth, cocaine, and alcohol. Nicknamed Kadir, he is a familiar face to everyone in Labuan. When I saw him sitting on the bench, mumbling on something that nobody care of, I was there, with my compact camera (easier to carry). I realized the shop owner was behind him, fixing fittings on his shop. I still remember, at that time, I was quick to think, how these two unrelated in many ways, but an ordinary, familiar face to everyday people. Despite having a little bit of skepticism of taking pictures of unfortunate person, but I quick to decide, the shop owner provides a balance, thus making these two figure as normal scene on the street. On a side note, I saw many visitors spotted this and spend some time looking at this
photo. I really hope, without prejudice, the sane viewer will not make fun of Kadir. Believe in praying for the well being of others.

Title : Fun>Outdoor

My daughter was not fond of doing this, because I tossed her stuffs and toys around. This shot was set and taken in the front yard, where there are green spot. The idea was to tell how one can have fun in their own yard. The items were selected to create effect of contrasting color, which will distract viewer eyes to those stuffs, slowly noticing my daughter face was covered with a big book, showing only her hands and legs. No, this is not about playing visual tricks, but to project the idea of [repeat] how one can have fun in their own yard.

There were also a number of established and talented photographers submitting their photographs, although some has to go screenings to pick the best to present to the viewers. Overall, it was fun making new friends and meeting old friends whom made it from Kota Kinabalu to Labuan.

Thank you too Mr SuChung Chong of
for the quality prints, the finest print I ever had, even in a semi-gloss form. ProArt will organize 100 Photo Exhibition from 8 September till 8 October 2011. This is an official event listed under the Malaysian Contemporary Art Tourism Festival 2011.

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