September 28, 2020

Running 2 km a day

I have gained weight (about 5kg) and spend lesser time on exercise.

I checked on my BMI (you can check yours here), and I am currently at Obese 1 category. I am currently helping my wife with her business, and we’ve been doing ok since the past 9 months. In the past 9 months, I ran lesser due to exhaustion and time management.

There’s nothing or no one to blame here. Doing business is just part of our new venture in life, and we want to embrace all the experience, knowledge and benefit from it. So I decided that I need to change something in my daily life. So I started running daily after Fajr prayer. 2km per day, or once every two days.

I decided to allocate 30 minutes every morning for this (3 – 5 minutes of warming up, max 15 minutes of jogging and 10 minutes to cool down). 2km would give me enough time to return home at 5.30 am and start getting the kids ready to school. I’ve been doing it for about 1 month now – and I think I really like how thing goes now.

Now, since I have a day work (9 – 5 desk job) and helping my wife from 6pm up to 10pm, I know my body need more time to rest. So I sleep early to wake up early the next morning for my Fajr prayer and 30 minutes activity. One thing I want to achieve from this new change is a good health. The way I see it (and you may see it too), I really don’t have enough time for a good 7 hours sleep.  To read more on recommendation for how much sleep time you need, read HERE. To have a good, healthy, functioning body, we need proper nutrient, rest time (sleep included) and physical activity. I know I shouldn’t put more stress on my heart but I want to stay healthy.

So I opted for heart rate training. I able to do so using heart rate tracker device. Currently Im using an Amazfit Pace watch (RIP Garmin Fenix 2). Most of GPS watch nowadays comes with wrist HR feature. Some article suggested wrist Heart Rate device does not give accurate reading, but the difference are not that big.

Why suddenly I talk about heart rate training? Ok, I have gained weight, so when I try to ran faster (with my big belly), my heart pumping really fast I have to stop and start walking. Over time, I don’t think this is right. Stories of people dying from heart attack during physical activities comes on my mind.  So I have to do something, and heart rate training is what I think I should do.

My heart rate data from 6km jog + walk I did this morning. During weekend, I can go for more than 2 km 🙂


I don’t remember how I set my maximum heart rate, I guess I keyed in my age, height and weight, and the watch did the calculation (?). There’s an option you can personally set your maximum heart rate. So every time I hit maximum heart rate, the watch will vibrate and I know it is time to slow down. Or I can set the watch face to Heart Rate and monitor what’s going on from there. When I tried this method the first time, I stopped and walk instead of slow down because I wasn’t used to it – or understanding the reason behind it. I just don’t want my heart to “explode”.

Anyway, these are some of the articles I read

So, what did I benefit from this?

  • Endurance. Your data (average pace, speed, etc) will show you are slow, but you ran longer. My heart no longer racing.
  • I understand and able to control my stride much better now.
  • Better control of landing and pulling, which will reduce strain on joints (remember, I am Obese Class 1 now – I am heavy and it give stress on joints).
  • I learned to control breathing properly which contributes to better blood circulation.

If you don’t have any heart rate tracking device – the key is when you feel tired, uneasy or your heart pumping real fast, SLOW DOWN AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Easy, right? There’s no need to rush, you’re not racing anyone. You don’t need to race anyone. You are jogging / running for your own good, not for others to approve.





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