I am returning to this blog.

Since the last updates of my trips to Hong Kong with family, I am occupied with a lot of things. The so-called updates on sharing my experience in Hong Kong was halted. After all, when I read the previous post, I guess it is good enough to anyone looking for information about travelling to Hong Kong (from Malaysia at least). The only thing I did after returning from Hong Kong is separating the family pictures with the street photos. I won’t post it anywhere. Yet.

Saifulrizan_HK_2014 (50 of 64)
A man occupied by his mobile device. Hong Kong, 2014.


I also limited my activity in social media. I completely left Facebook (so far) and not regret anything that I missed. My life is much better without knowing anyone opinions and problems. I will enjoy the real life, with my real friends and families. I still update my Instagram @saifulrizan maybe once a month. The account followers were less than 50 I think. The only reason is because of the people I followed in Instagram are inspiring, creative and positive. It is the complete opposite of the atmosphere in Facebook. My friends in Facebook are great people. Those photographer friends, those inspiring youngsters expressing opinions, ideas in music, those thinkers and of course, my family. It is only of how Facebook works that I am not keen of scrolling down the timeline.

There is not much travelling after the trip to Hong Kong. I thought that I will visit Japan this year, but looking at the air tickets for the whole family is just unaffordable for now. Maybe I will visit Japan by myself if I really want to go there this year. And to know that Japan Tourism has developed Halal tourism kind of thing there is very convincing. As of now, I will just keep studying Japanese language. Just in case.

So, what else? I have started learning SWIFT and Xcode. SWIFT is the programming language introduced by Apple for developing iOS apps. It really is a much simplified, user friendly programming language. Xcode is the SDK for developing an iOS app. I have no experience and background of doing this. I believe I can do this as long as I never stop doing it. I kind of get the idea of writing a SWIFT codes now. Learning programming really is challenging, however it does trained you to solve a problem, up to the root of the problem. Like looking at lines of codes that won’t execute because you type “:” instead of “;”. At the moment I have the Android SDK as well, but I will focus on the iOS first. As of today, I have wireframe my first app that help tourist in Labuan. The only thing left is to find media and text for design. There is no rush. I am not doing this for the money. Eventually, it will come anyway.

A lot of things happened. Work, friends. Good things, bad things. Happy, sad, in between, mixed feeling. Everything a normal human being will experience. I will just go with it. Time will tell and I am not rushing.

Kundasang Saifulrizan 01
Vegetable traders. Kundasang, Sabah. 2015

There are a lot of things I want to write now. My return to this blog means I will always try to update and write something new at least once a week. I will write about LiVR, my interest in developing an app, an Arduino project and about my life.

Until then. Best regards.


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