August 5, 2020




I just replaced the screen of A200. It’s been a while. I think it has been a year or two, couldn’t remember, but it wont change a thing. It was good actually, having not to depend much on what current technology offers. During that period, it was all about using the three element of camera; shutter speed, ISO and aperture, and the most important thing, the lights.  I do appreciate the kindness of my newfound friend, Mohd Shukrie, whom willing to part with his old A200 screen and give it to me. Actually, I’ve been asking Sony Service Centre about replacing the screen, but they keep giving me the location of their branches in Sabah and that sweet suggestion to check out their new camera models. There’s a reason why I was not willing to part with this camera and to ask me to get the new model is another way of saying they don’t fix obsolete camera model. I guess. It was obvious.

Still, the present of the screen will be much appreciated. Definitely, it is a way to make life easier. I able to control almost on everything before I press the shutter. Fool of me if I decide to completely ignore it.

My first road trip will begin soon. I am hopeful to make it happen this September. There should be no more delay. I am looking forward to go out and see the world. Let’s see if I can make it to explore certain places in Sabah. Photography aside, I am more towards observing.

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