Painting with kids

I want my kids to have fun doing other things and let them decide what they want to do with art. So I asked my kids if they want to do some painting during the weekend, and they said yes immediately. I went to buy two colour palettes and watercolours during weekdays and we all wait for Saturday to come.

On Saturday, we picked some books and look at images for ideas. Animals, landscape, vehicles – they chose a few and started to mix the colours. It was kind of messy when they did that, but that’s what happened when we have fun. I guided them on basic colour mixture so we won’t waste.

Hana went with minimalist style. It’s like her usual sketch but with colours (also at minimum). When I asked what are those, she would tell some stories she made up. Like how she wanted to have a bubble gum machine in pink colour, or have our house painted red, etc. Yup, she’s a storyteller. I will focus on how to sharpen her skill on this.

Iskandar played a lot with the colours but what I like the most is how clean his paintings are. And the more I looked at his paintings, the more I noticed he played with colours to create shades. The jellyfish were based on his memory of  visiting Aquaria KLCC last March.

Looking at their creativities, I want to make this more often. Nowadays these kids are forced to excel at school by chasing good grades. I hope by doing this will make them happy, relax and fun. All those are the essence of good life and I want them to live a good life.


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