September 28, 2020

Old computer

Had to dig old boxes to see if I can get something for Hana and Iskandar to use to assist on completing their mounting school home works. Kind of hard to use smartphone with small screen to do their homework. You have to scroll left and right, up and down to read the questions. So i thought a computer might be of help.

But computer shops are closed due to the Movement Control Order. I guess they’re not essential services(?). What if an essential businesses having problems with their hardwares..

Anyway, I found an old Lenovo netbook, Compaq laptop and Asus mini PC. The Lenovo win because I found a compatible charger for it, and it’s still working.

Had to delete old software and housekeep the files to get it running ok. It was very slow at first. This thing could send your blood high, but it’s understandably old spec netbook. A netbook. Shouldn’t expect this to work like a proper PC.

Anyway, it will work as for reading email (because I am going to compile their homework and send it to their email) and some Google search on their study purpose. So for now, it will be ok.

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