Nokia Lumia 520 + Sophielens for Nokia

Bought the Lumia 520 for wife. It’s the simplest, entry level smart phone powered by Windows 8. I chose Windows 8 over the others because my wife only needs a phone to make calls, texts, Facebook (sometimes) and Whatsapp. At RM 480.00, I considered it to be cheap and reasonable, rather than buying a thousand dollar gadget to surf Facebook.

Tested the camera (Full spec can be seen here) and downloaded the apps Sophielens for Nokia (which has several packs of picture effect; Lomo Pack are free). The focus a bit slow, and it doesn’t perform well in low light condition. As always, I don’t view this as a big problem. As long as it takes pictures (and videos), it is fine to me. And to add the effects (perhaps I will cover this in another blog post), is a bonus. I’ve set all pictures taken to be uploaded automatically to SkyDrive.

So, below are image taken with Sophielens for Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 520 camera test 01

Nokia Lumia 520 test camera 02

Nokia Lumia 520 test camera 03

Nokia Lumia 520 test camera 04

Nokia Lumia 520 test camera 05

Nokia Lumia 520 test camera 07

Nokia Lumia 520 test camera 06

I like the effect.

Honestly I don’t care if the camera is good or not, expensive or cheap. As long as it takes picture, as long as there is light, any camera is ok.


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