September 28, 2020

Nikgold Garden Resort, Kundasang


Before we checked out from Grand Borneo Hotel (Book online with AGODA), I logged into my Agoda account and search for accommodation in Kundasang. Initially we just wanted to drive and look for place to stay. However, I got some free time during break from hours of working on my app – so I decided to check if there’s any cheap places to stay.

There are plenty of homestay in Kundasang not listed in most accommodation booking services. Maybe in future I should list all homestay in Kundasang for public reference. Anyway, when I search for hotels in Agoda, I saw Nikgold Garden Resort offering price of RM 98 per night (total of RM201.20 including tax and fees). Cheapest on the list. The location about 400m from main road, so I think it’s just great to help me focus on working my app.

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Driving from Kota Kinabalu, after Kinabalu Park, you might want to slow down a bit. Nikgold Garden Resort entrance will be on your left (nothing on the right side of the road anyway). There’s a big signage. Just in case, here’s Nikgold Garden Resort number (Office: +6088 888 112, Emergency: +6013 8908 838). Before arriving or at least one day before check in, please call them because the email confirmation for the booking comes with a special instruction that want guest to call them in advance as the reception are not always available.


So, the road to the resort are combination of dirt, gravel and concrete. Don’t be surprise if you suddenly arrived at the steep downhill corner. Slow down and just follow the road which will lead you to the resort. To assure you, during my stay here, I saw a small car going up and down so it is ok. In comparison, easier than climbing Mesilau hill.


Once you’re here, climb a stairs and turn to right and walk further to get to the office. You must pay a deposit of RM 50.00 and it will be refunded during check out. Yeap, that’s a lot of stairs. Good for health.



We stayed at room number 3. There are  fish pond and hydroponic plant outside our room. At this room you will find two beds, a TV (with local channel only – no ASTRO), a desk, a cupboard and two chairs.






Like most people coming to Kundasang, you wouldn’t want to miss the majestic view of Mount Kinabalu. Here at Nikgold Garden Resort, you get a better view. On good days, you will see the peak clearly. Sunrise at 6 in the morning if you want to catch the peak bathed in the golden sunrise (depends on weather & clouds).



There is no breakfast or food services provided here. However, Nikgold Garden Resort provides you with BBQ place if you are planning to do so, they have big gardens decorated with the best glow in the dark rocks amazon so people can enjoy the place in the night time as well. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, we will just drive to Kundasang town, eat there and buy some food just in case anyone got hungry at night. As the night in Kundasang is very cold and the road could be covered in fog, I would not risk driving. I don’t know if you can bring electric equipment to cook here, but give them a call in advance if you are planning to do so.


Yes, IF i have a project to complete, or to get a good rest. This is really a good place to focus on doing something without distraction.





P/S : I saw most reviews in Agoda complaining about how this place (and some homestay/hotels) not functioning like hotels in big city. I guess if you’re looking for comfort, asking to have bell boys to carry your luggage, mini fridge, top flight entertainment, have people to cook for you – go to Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa.

P/S : Check out Murals in Kundasang


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