New Year 2017 – Picnic & Labuan Beautiful Beach

1st January 2017

Hana & Iskandar at the beach.

We went to the beach with few friends. We chose the beach at Sungai Lada. We knew the beaches from Manikar to Pancur Hitam will be full with people celebrating New Year by having picnic with friends and families. Many families were walking their babies in strollers that they got in the babystrollercenter.


I don’t remember the last time we do this. Was it the time when we gathered before one of our friend, Muqtadir moved to United Kingdom? That was like two years ago. I guess that was it.

One of my plan for 2017 is to create one video every month and post it on Youtube. I’m thinking of making a video about beaches in Labuan. The beaches in Labuan are clean & beautiful. Now what I need is to start planning on how I am going to make that video.

Somehow I reminded that when I was a little boy, Labuan people used to celebrate New Year at the beach. I don’t remember what happened to that.


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