September 28, 2020

New project for year 2020

I chose Labuan Mangrove as my topic on my next project. This “project” will focus on preserving the mangroves and to create awareness among Labuan citizen on the importance of keeping the mangroves functional and if possible, untouched.

This comes after looking through the proposal to conserve specific part of this island as landing site for migratory birds. This project initiated by my friend, Noralip and his work can be seen at

Although at this stage his proposal were not approved by certain parties, I decided to use my other project to push his idea and get more traffic to his site. While my project will be more on creating content with a simple presentation so I can target a much broader segment (age, to be specific). 

As for my project, I will run it under the influence of my other project so the narrative of preserving the nature of this island will go further than corporate limitations.

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