August 12, 2020

Moon. Up Close.

After the cheap telescope, I pursue further the project on imaging the moon using a webcam. A cheap webcam without brand, even no name. Just some text on the technical stuff, and obviously a “Made in China”. I would not worry about it though. This is merely to feed the hobby. If there should be some sort of serious commitment in the future, I will definitely spare some money for better quality CCD camera. Besides, it has been useless for a year now.

laptop telescope

After a few attempt on aligning the stripped webcam (down to the board and sensor) to this old film case, I had to deal with fixing it to the tube. Remember, it’s a cheap telescope. Not even threaded on where the connector are. The gaffer tape is a life saver (for this project).

Next is to rebuild a housing and cooling system for this webcam. And extra length of cable.

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