August 3, 2020



KIL is a story of a man, named Akil (Redza Minhat) who tried to commit suicide but often failed. He sought help from LAB; Life Action Bureau, to kill him. Later, Zara (Cristina Suzanne) came to his life and this changed Akil and made him realized the beauty of life. He returned to LAB to cancel the contract to kill him, but denied.

KIL, is a slow paced, but filled with beautiful storyline. This is not the movie that dumps the whole plot in one shot, but interestingly guide viewer to pick up answer to why and what along the way. The visuals are interesting; so does the music score.

I was late to pick up this copy of KIL; after it won various awards or 6 months after it was released. But it was a good experience. The story is fresh, out of the cliche Malaysian movie. I would say this is the new benchmark for Malaysia film industry.

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