Kids went to cuti sekolah trip

Sometimes in March, my kids went to KL for a week long cuti sekolah trip with their atok and nenek. Atok or fondly known as nenek aji to them was about to retire in April, so he wanted to bring his cucu to jalan-jalan before coming back to Labuan / Sabah for good. So nenek aji just wait for them there as he was still living at PJ. My mom will travel with the kids from Labuan to KL.

I was very happy. I said to myself, I’m going to use this precious time to do a lot of things I wanted to do.  All those books I’m gonna read, those codes Im gonna write to complete the app update, I’m going to run everyday at least 5 km per day, all those movies I’m going to watch, and the list goes on. I was going to complete all the task in the world. I made a to-do-list for that particular week.

Saturday, sometimes in March.

Their flight to KL scheduled at 7.00 pm plus. We went to the airport early to get some food at McD. My wife was a bit risau if Iskandar going to cry because this will be the first time he’s travelling with atok and nenek. He usually travel with my wife’s parent. Hana was very exciting, so we were not that risau. She’s already 10 years old. She just missed nenek aji so much.

So they finally get into departure hall.

My wife and I get into the car.

Suddenly we felt kosong.

We went jalan – jalan and makan – makan.

Still rasa kosong.

So for that whole week, we can’t stop looking at our phone checking for updates from my parents and my sister about Hana and Iskandar. They were having A LOT OF FUN AND A LOT OF FOOD AND GOING TO A LOT OF PLACES while we here feeling miserable because we missed them a lot.  They both were very happy – just what we hoped for. Is this what parenting about? Feeling miserable to see my kids happy? If so, I’m ok with that.

In the end

All those to do list still marked as pending.



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