Hari Raya 2016

1 July 2016. 6 am We boarded the earliest vessel to leave the island. Yesterday was 30th June, I had to stay working until 9pm. Though the end of month transactions were not many, its waiting for figure that kept us in the office. I got to leave early because it wasnt my turn to check the reports.

Ferry crews directing drivers to arrange parking.

We woke up at 4 am. Since my wife had prepared all their luggage, I just load them into the car boot. I pack my laptop and clothes. In my mind, I think I will try to find some time to do some work for the app im working on.

Travelling on weekdays to avoid traffic jam.

Driving during Ramadhan is challenging. Normally I would bring coffee drink for a long drive. This time, I drank a lot of coffee and ate some dates during sahur. Drove about 2 hours until we arrive in Kota Kinabalu and head straight to Imago shopping complex.  10 am, and we are very early. It was the plan anyway, to avoid traffic jam and shoppers. Have to say that Uniqlo and H&M are my new favorite places for fashion. Theirs are simple, affordable and cool to wear.

Imago KK built a village house model to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri
At Puma outlet, Imago. The shoe are at 50% discount.

We will spend few days in KK before taking our flight to Sandakan on 4th July.


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