August 12, 2020

gone for a week

This was drafted in a small hotel above a restaurant in Ranau town. For this year, I took a week leave to bring my family to a long trip.

This journey will cover Kundasang, Ranau, Sandakan, Kudat and back to Kota Kinabalu. On Friday, 4th, we left Labuan with the 1st ferry trip. When we arrived in Menumbok, we decided to use the Kuala Penyu – Membakut route. Quite a wonderful scenery along the way.

We arrived Kota Kinabalu around noon and decided to not go through the city traffic jam. But then we had to at Lintas, all the way to Inanam. Why a four lane in Inanam still get congested near to the roundabout?

We stopped at some restaurant near Putrajaya for lunch. The meal was ok, I won’t complain. We rested for 30 minutes before we hit the road again at 1.30pm. Of course, when heading to Kundasang, you will never miss a sight of trucks holding everyone revving their engine, tailing and waiting for opportunity to over take. Ok, I supposed to write about how beautiful the scenery are, but that’s what you have to go through before arrive at Kundasang, the place that hold beautiful landscape and the majestic Mount Kinabalu.


We were welcomed with misty, but that’s just so wonderful, we were out taking family pictures anyway.


We stayed at U Merlin Resort, where the room only has bed, old TV and a toilet. Wife called it homestay, I just need a place to sleep. Besides, it’s Kundasang. You get here to enjoy the nature at day, sleep peacefully at night.

On the second day, we checked out and drove to Poring Hot Spring. Please be reminded, you will pay for different facilities, but if you’re just in for a bath in a hot spring in open tub, it’s just RM3. If you fancy some canopy walk, for example, there’s another fee to be charged. I will get back to that soon.

Then we headed to Sabah Tea, for the sake of taking a beautiful sight of it. The entrance to Sabah Tea just a few metres before the infamous fish massage. it’s on the left side of the road, so you might want to slow down to notice the sign board. Entrance is free, and there’s a restaurant, souvenir shop and of course the tea factory up the hill.

We ended the day by checking in at one of the resthouse here in Ranau. Ranau, is a charming small town. The shop closes early, some restaurants and food court opens 24 hours. Life must be good here.

We will drive to Sandakan tomorrow morning to meet some relatives. Until then.


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