It was Saturday. The sky was bright.

I walked slowly through the mud, trying to reach the farthest of the beach. The low tide makes me think it is possible. I guess it was merely a photographer will to get a good picture that helped me to keep walking.


I noticed these two dogs. They kept their distance, but never separated from me. No problem, I thought.

If they decided to come close, I will just let them be. Islam is simple. A “samak” will do.

But they didn’t.

They just walked and played around me. Sometimes I thought they’re merely tag along, wondering what I’m going to do. Dogs are smart.

Later on another dog joined them. And they walked besides me, as if we’re friends, but not that close. Literally.

I’ll just let them be. I made few good shots, and they got to know me.

Couple hours later, it was time to go. I look at them, waving hands, gesturing I’m done and I’m leaving. I walked back to the beach, only to look at them again & saw they’re still looking at me.


I made a friend that day.


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