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Flight to Sandakan

AK6492. 7 am BKI – SDK.

We were at the airport before 6am. Check in luggage using AirAsia Self Baggage Drop to skip queuing. Easier and time saving. Do this if you’re travelling light (baggage weight less than 20kg).

How to use Self Baggage Drop:

Here’s a video that show how to use the feature.

After checking in our baggage, we proceed to gate A9 and board the plane 20 minutes before departure. At 7am sharp, we already depart for Sandakan.

Amazing view. I missed the view of Mount Kinabalu because I was seated on the other end. But I get a glimpse of it, and it still look majestic.

The flight took us about 20-30 minutes before we landed on Sandakan Airport. My kids were not ‘satisfied’ because we arrived too early. Well kids, if you want longer travel time, try driving from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan. Then you will understand why we travel by flight.

Today is the day Malaysia will observe the coming of Syawal. I already knew the date of Hari Raya is on 6 March 2016. Will explain why in the next blog post.

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