July 8, 2020

Fixing Macbook Pro Charger Cable Problem

Had a little panic knowing my MacBook Pro not charging. I don’t know if there’s any shop selling MacBook Pro Cable Charger in Labuan. The shop I bought this Mac from already closed down few years ago (when the economy wasn’t good). I asked my friends and some of them will help look for it in Kota Kinabalu. Some also recommended to check on computer shop at Financial Park complex.

So I look at the cable and try to figure how to fix the problem even for temporary. I have to complete the update on LabuanFT app for both iOS and Android in few weeks (I hope to release the update before Hari Raya on 15th June). I checked on Youtube and found some very simple solution that similar to my problem. My cable was not totally broke / severe. There’s like two layer of insulation and the cut was only on the outer insulation. So, I fixed it and you can refer to images below.

Cut a bit of the insulation to pull the wire and make them ‘contact’ again.
Cover it with electrical tape.
It works! When the indicator light is orange, means it is charging. It will turn green when charging complete.

If you’re looking for more solution, here’s the link “MacBook Pro Charger Cable Problem” on Youtube.

Anyway, this is a temporary solution. I will get a new cable charger. The original from Apple will cost me around RM 300 – RM 400. Or I will get OEM product from Lazada at RM 100.00. 🙂

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