July 11, 2020

Expectation. But it’s not there.

This blog appears in Google search first page when it comes to “Malaysia Automotive Photography”. What’s more, this blog listed under Autodetailer, a car detailing company, and which I adore his founder skill in automotive photography. In fact, he’s the one I look up to when I did my first car photography.

Now back to the topic, it seems that this blog doesn’t have anything to match the search term “Malaysia Automotive Photography”. Well, it used to have some posts on car photos, but following a hacker attack from Syria, I decided to reset the whole thing to start over again. Too much to think of, I believe.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.37.42 PM

This whole thing about photographing car is not merely about getting good effect from technical aspect. For example, distorting car perspective by shooting close to the car using an ultra wide lens. In fact, a kit lens would distort the part where it falls to the edge of the camera “frame”. To me, there’s more towards the car ‘personality’ than throwing in effects and sometimes a lady with skimpy clothes. Personally, it wouldn’t give much attention to the car. Perhaps to get the best of the car in doing automotive photography is to understand and actually being enthusiastic about that particular car. Being a fan of automotive, I do take times to understand what the car represent, and how it would be like to drive behind the wheel.

Honda City BW 01 SMALL

Currently I am depending on my partner equipment and resource on pursuing this beauty of automotive photography. That means I get to use better equipments for the lighting, and actually a better camera to perform such task. I am thankful for that.

Now if you ever wonder, I don’t really want (ever!) to include a human figure in my car photography work. I just trying to save time on not to create distraction to a beautiful piece of machine.

p/s : Still waiting for a HD enclosure for my 3.5″ SATA which contains my previous work stored in a DELL pc. The video card’s faulty, and I really need to transfer the whole thing to my new machine.

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