September 22, 2020

MCO – Work From Home

I always thought how nice it would be to have a job where I will work form home. That was part of the reason why I took up online course on programming and web development. Someday I want to build something and manage it from home or anywhere. Freedom, I thought. I guess everyone want to become their own boss.

Heads up, we are heading to IR 4.0. Look at what you are doing now, and see if it still needed in 10 years.

The pandemic made me work from home

It’s the Covid-19 pandemic that become the reason I am on Work From Home (WFH) mode now but on rotation basis. My nature of work doesn’t allow to operate from home due to security. Understandably necessary. In fact, I may not suppose to even WFH. But as the MCO is primarily to reduce contacts in public places, WFH must be carried out. To explain simply, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you accidentally dropped it, chances are you will break all the eggs. So, you separate it. At least you get to keep one of the two if anything bad happens.

I just put myself as an egg, the team as basket – separated; the company as the one carrying the basket – for example.

How this is going to be challenging

This WFH thing is also a measurement of how capable you are at doing your colleagues work. When it’s their turn to work from home, it’s your turn to do their work. Now, you don’t want to screw up, or tell your boss you are not good at it, or you are no good at all. Among the quality you must have as a team member is the capability to step in and doing the right thing. On the other hand, this could reflect your team member responsibility towards you as well. You don’t keep your team member in the dark or clueless. Remember, with or without you, the business will march on. To keep your job, prove yourself to be worth of keeping.

On the other hand, this WFH limits your ability to perform your task from home. But it is necessary. While you are committed to your job, your job actually wants you to be healthy and alive to run the business. So, wash your hands, take a good care of hygiene and practice social distance.

This is a trying times for all of us, but we will get through.

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