September 28, 2020


It’s been 3 months since the last blog post.

Nothing much happened. Been busy with family, work and other things. In general, life is getting better and I am much happier. I believe I am getting better at handling work stress now. A friend whom I haven’t met for years admired my simple approach to life. That’s really a kind way to describe “Hey saiful, you really just don’t give a f**k, eh?”. Haha. Ya, I do. Life is too short to waste on stupid people and stupid things.

Lately I have been hiking every weekend. Saturday and Sunday. That explains the two tone of my legs. It’s like I’m wearing socks. Labuan heat is nothing to joke about. I almost faint when running uphill because of the scorching hot sun. So when it was raining on my trail day, I ran faster and happier. I am committed to this training because I am focusing on the TMBT Race in September. I am not aiming for podium, but to complete the 30km trail race under 6 hours. I hope I can achieve that. It’s the only big race I am going to join because I am not that crazy to join 897392174098302895 running events in one year. Other than that, I will just support the local running event in Labuan.

What else?

Oh, the mobile app. Sure, it will be delivered soon. I still need time to decide on User Experience factor. I don’t think I will submit it at it current state. Maybe I will. That kind of thing can be updated time to time. The Android version will take time though. I am thinking of doing it in June during Ramadhan because that would be the time I am not going to run / train.

Photography. People keep asking if I’ve completely ditched my hobby. No I dont. I still have the camera, take pictures with it BUT no longer post it on Facebook because I have deactivated Facebook 2 years ago. At the moment I only post on my Instagram account @saifulrizan.

Gonna write more soon.


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