Hana day out at the beach

We went to the beach today, hopeful to get some more photo of Hana. Apparently she was not in a  good mood today. Afraid of water, she repeatedly yelling  asking to be carried by her mother. She’s not fond of dipping even the tip of her toes to the water. So I was in for the rescue. I use soft […]

Child Portrait – Hana

We went to the beach yesterday and of course, we dressed Hana for another portrait session. We are still collecting pictures for Hana’s photo album. 🙂 We were at the beach, then a local park. This is more like hanging out with the family, with a camera. Of course, I always want a good picture of my family if it […]

Children Portrait – Hana

Every time I decide to make images of my daughter, I have to work on creating a bond between us. Hana is very familiar with my camera. She always want to hold it herself and looking through the viewfinder and pretending to take picture of something.  Sometimes, it makes a heartache, because you never know if she ever fumble while […]

POTRET – Harjay & Julizah

This couple need no introduction if you follow my work since my earlier days as a freelance photographer. I’ve been photographing them during their engagement and their wedding ceremony. Harjay & Julizah, thank you very much for your trust and faith in my style of photography.


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