Click image to enlarge Woke up early on Sunday morning so I can catch the first morning light. The weather was not as expected, dark clouds dominates the sky, with few grey patches moving slowly. The light was uneven. At this point of time, or situation, what best to do is to look at what can be used as subject, […]

Labuan island, Malaysia 26 February 2012

Click image to view larger version I will be out making photographs for my personal collection starting this month until I decide to call it off. What started as a hobby shall remains hobby, for me at least. This blog will be here to stay. “One of these days,  your heart will stop, and play its final beat” – Dave […]

Sunset in Labuan FT 9 November 2011

Nowadays I am more comfortable on taking pictures with my camera phone. Put aside the quality and the technical aspect, all I want is to capture an image that I desired. Of course, in my leisure time, or on planned outing, I will prepare the necessary equipments. But still, a camera is just a camera. It take pictures.

Beauty or blown?

This is an old pictures, dated back in 2009.It was taken when I was out with my then mentor, Syed Nasir. This picture always remind me to look in all directions. Often, I look on eye level, or higher, or lower, often in front, seldom on left, right, and the back of my head. Obviously, you need to turn to […]


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