July 13, 2020

Calm at night

calm at night


To feel the taste of wind gushing to my face. Sweeping the bad feelings entirely.

To refresh, to let the wind take all the worries away.

To replace a vibe of negativity; in all honesty a mere attempt to forget.

To be cruel to self, to let problem unsolved.

Or let it be, forever unsolved.

Because at times, all I want to feel is the cold night breeze caressing myself.

For a gentle reminder of something so simple.


Life is nothing without hurdle. Problems. Worries. Inabilities.

It is what helps me to grow. Emotionally. Intelligently. In faith. Though not necessarily in that order.

To earn time, more time, to evaluate and to regret, of what I did wrong, or what I haven’t do right.

Calm at night.

May I be able to savour this moment.


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