September 28, 2020

Beauty or blown?

This is an old pictures, dated back in 2009.It was taken when I was out with my then mentor, Syed Nasir.

This picture always remind me to look in all directions. Often, I look on eye level, or higher, or lower, often in front, seldom on left, right, and the back of my head. Obviously, you need to turn to know what’s happening behind you. You don’t want to crack-a-neck-in. At this particular time, I am still fascinated with the idea of catching sunset at its best when the sun already set and sailed beneath the horizontal lines. Often, the camera facing the setting sun. This is when the golden hour strikes, and the shutter happy to report I abused the 3 fps, because of my understanding that it only lasts for 5 minutes or so. I have to be fast. Back then, in my dictionary of practicing photography, fast means how effective I am in abusing the shutter button. I was wrong. Worst, who takes landscape picture in burst mode? Silly. I learnt my lesson and stopped doing that.

This picture changed my whole idea of capturing sunset. When the land was bathed in golden lights, you positioned your back against the setting sun. The lights on this other part are amazing. For this picture, I look to my right and saw this interesting leading lines and the mood it projected. I am glad I found this much earlier in my time as photography enthusiast. Else, I will still take photos of burning sun above horizontal line, producing some silhouette and call it a sunset. It called blown, silly!

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