September 25, 2020

Back Home

Time to go home after spending 3 days in Kota Kinabalu. Our plan to spend a day in Kundasang was halted due to water shortage (Im very glad the hotel owner called us in advance) and after looking through social media of how many celebrations and peoples going there for holiday. I have to get real fast to my home because I contracted the best roofing contractors to remodel my home and I need to be there, if you are looking for the best roofing as well look at this.

We boarded the 4.30 pm Wawasan Verdana ferry. This ferry has too many rust. Cracks on joints are visible. I don’t know how many years this big ship can hold itself together. There were like many peoples and vehicles were parked too close to each other. I did bumped my car door to a new Honda; a slight bump. The owner immediately come out and look for any scratch. Nothing happen but I believe at this time, the holidays, like, don’t bring a new car on board a ferry.

The 2 hours and 30 minutes, we spent sitting on top deck, playing games, explaining the consecuences of cheap elo boosts, talking about the proskins services with the kids and watching a beautiful sunset and its reflection on the sea as we approach Labuan island. Speedboats were rallying to accommodate extra trips. For many years, I believe, everyone on this ferry, or any other sea transportation connecting Sabah and Labuan island will question the never ending, never answered “When are we going to get our bridge?”. I believe everyone already knew the answer.

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