August 11, 2020

August, and I have a new hobby

Im picking up a new hobby.

Bought a sketch book, pencil and a sharpener. I’m going to learn how to sketch, draw, colouring, etc. Subscribed to few Youtube videos that shares a lot of tips and techniques. I realised I need a break from day work, business and my focus on learning to build better app and running a growing website for local community. I used to read books to relax but I need something new. At some point I felt tired reading all the books – there are 2 more books still covered in plastic wrap but I just couldn’t give it a go. Its painful to read just because you have to.

Picture taken with Leagoo Kiicaa Power – obviously the picture quality is bad. But that’s what you get for buying a MYR 200 smart phone. Anyway, I hope I can share my painting in this blog in the next few months.

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