Amazfit Pace watch experience

Months after my Fenix 2 dead, I decided to find another GPS watch to track my running progress. I looked in to cheaper and simpler option but reliable. On top of that, I want a much simpler design, not too bulky. After reading plenty of reviews and tech spec on the Internet, I decided to give a shot on the Amazfit Pace.

I bought the watch at Mi Store, Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. For the price of MYR 520, i got the watch and the charger. Also included were the warranty for 1 year. There are cheaper options online, like in Lazada or Shopee, but with 1 month warranty only. As for me, I prefer to check on the watch myself and test the function right there. Basically the watch covers running (indoor & outdoor), cycling (indoor & outdoor), walking and hiking. There is no option for swimming as this watch is not suitable for such sport / activity. The Amazfit Verge  have this function, but at the time, the watch is not out yet in Malaysia.

5 Months later

The watch still in good condition and functioning well. Like usual, I cleared the memory of activities I did on monthly basis. I did this because I think that could clear up some space and allow the watch to function smoothly. I have no proof of this, because this is my habit of using electronics that stores data. On the other hand, I already set the watch to auto-upload when I finished running or cycling. The watch uploaded the data to Amazfit Pace app and it will be stored there.

On few occasion, like updating the software version, I had problem of re-pairing the watch to the mobile app. I had to reinstall the app on my smart phone and perform factory reset on the watch to get this done. To me, this is troublesome.

I turned off few things, like Activate on Raise and Auto Backlight. These responds to your wrist movement. To me, it’s wasting the battery life. Also, I disabled the Tap to Wake function.I just don’t like to tap on the screen. I tried at first, but when I had to tap a bit harder, I know I don’t want this function.

For settings in activities, I use the HR Alert to remind me when I went above 185 bpm. There is also HR Zone for for Max Zone and Reserved HR Zone. This is useful for training so you don’t go overboard and faint. In my previous post, I blogged about running 2km per day and emphasised on heart rate training. I turned off the Lap Alert because I don’t run on track, and I don’t need to be reminded every 1km or 5km. If this is important, this watch has no VO2 Max reading, but Stratos and Verge does.

Other than activities, I don’t really use other functions that much. Music features are cool, where you can play mp3 and listen to it on Bluetooth earpiece. I don’t use it while running, because I need to be alert on my surroundings. However, you can upload metronome mp3 file and listen to it, because this watch has no metronome features. Again, please be extra caution when using earpiece while running outside. I recommend to use it while running on track.

What I hope this watch can do

One thing I want Huami (the manufacturer of this watch) to do is a “warning” when my heart rate suddenly spiked or dropped low. Apparently this relates to some heart failure or something, so this function I hope for, will really be useful for emergency or awareness. This function will require user to turn on wrist heart tracking all the time. At the moment, such function is available when you’re doing activities like running.

I don’t bring phone when running. Maybe I will bring one if i’m going for more than 10km and put it in my hydration bag. What I think that this watch should have is an alert to immediate family members if I didn’t finish my run within the targeted time. Say, I decided to run 21km today, and I think I will run easy and complete it in 3 hours. After 3 hours, if I didn’t stop my watch, my smartphone will detect and send a message to the number I set as immediate family member or training friends or anyone I think important. The message might be like “Saiful plans to run 21km this morning and target to complete within 3 hours. However, he is not finish yet. Would you like to check on him?”. So, anyone who receives this message will call me and ask if im OK. While we’re at it, maybe the watch will send the location to my smart phone, got it translated into a street address, or link to a location and compile it to the text message. So if they’re nearby, they can check on me. But sending a text message would involve extra cost, so maybe the app can link to Whatsapp or Telegram and just send the message from there.

Would I recommend this watch?

Yes, if you’re living a simple healthy life. If you are an athlete, go get a Garmin or Suunto which have plenty of functions to properly track your performance.


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