September 25, 2020

ADIDAS Supernova Glide 8 Boost

Strava app notified that the Adidas Duramo 6 has passed the 400km mileage and I might need to replace it to avoid injury risk. I continued using the shoe up to 800km until I can no longer feel the support of the cushioning. Running a 5k would end up with shin splint, sometimes knee pain. Throughout the past 12 months, I’ve learned on correct running form so I believe that it is the shoe that needs to be replaced.

So when we were in Kota Kinabalu, I went on looking for shoes. My feet is a low arch type. For this type of feet, many would recommend Brooks running shoe. I would love to, but lets just say I don’t have a budget for that. Besides, I’ve been comfortably using the Duramo 6 since I start running, so maybe this time I should try the Boost cushioning technology.

It was hard searching for size 10 or 11 shoe. I went to three shopping malls, 4 shops and found few models I’ve researched on the internet – but none of them have size 10 or 11 in stock. I was about to give up searching when I found a shop, Grace One at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. There, I found Adidas Supernova Glide8 Boost – and they happen to have the last size 10. I tested the shoe and it was very comfortable. Thanks Jumadi (is the name correct?) for helping me with the purchase.

I have no expertise in reviewing shoe, so I will share the picture of it and what I think about it.


The Boost does provides cushioning and propel forward as it acts like spring – and cushioning helps me to run better.
High forefoot to assist in moving forward.
Ya I got outsole made of material used in high-performance tyre. Not sure if I am a high-performance runner *die inside*
The heel collar design feel soft but it was claimed to secure the heel from slipping off while running. Never happen to me anyway, but good to know.
Continental rubber to provide optimum grip on all types of surface condition.
The mesh stretch flexibly according to my feet.

I tested the shoe on morning run. Running easy, it does improve my running form. I guess this is what proper cushioning will do – assist in running form and correct my posture.

At 85kg (read: fat), running a 5K in 33 minutes did make me proud.
At 85kg (read: fat), running a 5K in 33 minutes did make me proud.

In conclusion, I am satisfied with what this shoe can do. I’m looking forward to renew 5K and 10K personal record in this shoe.

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