Legless chicken and skydiving mouse.

My second year attending Beach Cleaning program. Appointed to lead the official photographer. You can view all the pictures taken by me and friends at Labuan Marine Park Flickr. This time, I made a video as well.

These pictures taken and processed with presets in Lightroom. Well, I just found there are presets. Thus the different treatment in each pictures. Anyway, just enjoy the video at the end of this post. I hope you enjoy watching it.

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The cloud looks like chicken. At least it looks like leg-less chicken.
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Had this thought of capturing the Milky Way, but the clouds, lights pollution from mainland and the moon was bright. In the end, you make the pictures you wanted for yourself. Not to impress others.
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Beautiful beach at Pulau Rusukan Besar
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Looks like a mouse. Skydiving. I don’t know..
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