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I have no new resolution for this year. Most of 2020 resolution still in progress. But I am happy to survived 2020. Not speaking on the COVID-19, but what comes with the COVID-19.

My wife was fired in 2020. There’s nothing much to write about it, but I remember we fought for her right for proper compensation. I remember reading through Malaysia Employment Act, browsing through blogs and articles on layoffs and proper compensation. I wrote formal letters and handle communications between related authorities and government bodies.

We made it. She received what’s rightly hers. She didn’t wait too long to start a new chapter in her life. I am glad that she is now enjoying more family times, and more opportunities in life.

At work, I was “forced” to be innovative. More companies are practising Work From Home. Which means we are now working online, and require all resources to be available online. I took a basic Microsoft Access course sometimes last December 2019. Had to fully utilise what I’ve learned and adapt it to company workflow. I’m glad my manager are supportive, and I am happy to know my creation and innovation will be useful to all involved.

Financially, I can say I save a lot in 2020. It has to do with the kids not going to school as it’s closed for many months – so I save on fuel and food. Weekends were spent at home because we avoid going out – home cook is much cheaper. From there, we saved more.

What I think I want to achieve in 2021

Not much. I just hope I will stay on my track on the savings. On the other hand, I would like to upskill by taking course on web and app development. Retaining my job might be challenging as 2020 proven to affect global business, so I reckon it would be useful to have extra skill than the one I have at my day job now.

Happy New Year and thank you for reading my blog.

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