Calm at night

A NIGHT OUT To feel the taste of wind gushing to my face. Sweeping the bad feelings entirely. To refresh, to let the wind take all the worries away. To replace a vibe of negativity; in all honesty a mere attempt to forget. To be cruel to self, to let problem unsolved. Or let it be, forever unsolved. Because at […]

Shy away

Yes, currently I am spending less time on Facebook. Too many of saints for their own thoughts. My father said this a long time ago. “befriend a good person, you become good!” Though it would be hard to not be able to see good people who shared good things. But they have blogs.    


KIL is a story of a man, named Akil (Redza Minhat) who tried to commit suicide but often failed. He sought help from LAB; Life Action Bureau, to kill him. Later, Zara (Cristina Suzanne) came to his life and this changed Akil and made him realized the beauty of life. He returned to LAB to cancel the contract to kill […]


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