Hana day out at the beach

We went to the beach today, hopeful to get some more photo of Hana. Apparently she was not in a ¬†good mood today. Afraid of water, she repeatedly yelling ¬†asking to be carried by her mother. She’s not fond of dipping even the tip of her toes to the water. So I was in for the rescue. I use soft […]

Kota Kinabalu 16-17 July 2011 – Part 2

In the first post of this small series, I mentioned that all pictures were taken with the Fujifilm A220, a compact digital camera that is small, fits in my hand and easy to carry. I’ve been carrying the camera aside from the usual Sony A200. It doesn’t scream for attention. This boy was helping his father cleaning up the area […]

Kota Kinabalu 16-17 July 2011 Part 1

It was a short trip, and I guess a compact camera is good enough. All shots taken with Fujifilm A220. The camera is small and easy to carry. I will not go to the technical and quality aspect of the pictures produced by the camera. As long as it is easy to handle (although a bit sluggish at focusing and […]


My friends, Flanegan & Rade was in town last weekend for the Sebumbung Seni 2011 Art Exhibition. The day after, we went out for early breakfast and walk around town, just to show what we have here.

SebumbungSeni2011 and my three pictures

I decided to use these three pictures in the photography category to be exhibited in SebumbungSeni2011, an art exhibition organized by a number of passionate art lover and stronghold of supporters; friends and families. We invited photographers, painters, music band, graffiti writers and three local independent clothing brands. Though held in small scale, but I believe the impact of this […]


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