Counting Days

Another day on this little island. Another beautiful sunset witnessed. Setting down, slowly disappear at the horizon. I can imagine a handful of words to describe such beauty. It’s always a blessing to have such view on weekend, when on weekdays I merely camped in workspace, trying to get things done so I can call it off and drive home to see my family. And missed the sunset obviously.

There will be another three weeks left, as the doctor said. We’re now expecting our second child. A boy perhaps. On the second check, it was still an image with that male organ. Only on third check the doctor couldn’t get a proper scan. To be honest, I never expect anything to my own desire when dealing with gifts from God. Be it boy, or girl, I will be happy.

Hana is now an attractive, active and somehow a bit bossy to everyone for a four years old girl. I dont know where she pick up such habit. Although I can be very proud of her willingness to hold my camera and shoot things randomly.

I just can only wish that we will never be separated. So we can watch the same beautiful sunset every weekend or any God given chance. Together.


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